Olds Community Chorus Member Opinion Survey – SUMMARY

1. What should the money earned from the casino be put towards? Keep in mind there are regulations we have to follow on what it can be spent on. Some examples we can use the money for are: facility rentals, honorariums, equipment, promotional activities (such as advertisements, brochures, pamphlets, signs).

  • All the above.
    Each of the items were named by various people. Some are interested in how much is currently being paid for honoraria. Please see the Annual Financial Report.
  • Existing expenses.
    A few people suggested that covering our existing expenses could reduce the prices for membership or concert attendance. Please talk to a board member if you know of someone who cannot afford the membership fees or the concert.
  • Storage facility for music.
  • Choir caps.
  • Music.
  • Not music. (Some feel we have plenty.)
  • New scarves for Christmas.
  • Expenses for the Messiah or Messiah sing-a-long.
  • Road trip.
  • Alberta choral seminar.
  • Take in a performance (e.g. Rosebud Theatre or Banff Festival Chamber Orchestra)
  • Booklets for the Audience with words to the songs to follow when we have a Sing a Long concert.
  • Costumes for musical (e.g. Les Miserable or Disney story).
  • Instruments (e.g. jingle bells, kazoos, finger chimes).
  • Intermission performance.
  • Pay the some of the current volunteers for their work.

2.Would you like to see some of the money be put towards new music? If so what genres/songs would you like to include.

  • Yes, some money should be put toward music.
  • No, we have enough with perhaps a few exceptions.
  • Use 70% music from existing library and 30% new music.
  • Genres – Some chorus members expressed deep appreciation for Terry and her selections.
    • Provide challenges
    • Popular / new music
    • Variety
    • Folk Songs
    • Country
    • Messiah
    • Something for younger people (e.g. Disney / movie pieces)
    • Spirituals
    • Themed concert (period pieces)
    • Musicals

3.What would improve your experience with the chorus?

  • No changes / it’s great.
  • Sectionals
  • Less chatting and/or confrontations by the members.
  • A different venue. It is very difficult to hear in the United Church and hard to hear all the voices together
  • Cover the repertoire more thoroughly, and vary the rehearsal schedule.
  • Stand more for better support. If there are those who need to sit, we need to make sure they’re on the edges so they can easily see Terry.
  • Encouraging more people to join
  • I think that people should sing the parts that they choose. It is very confusing when people in your section sing other parts.
  • The Messiah.
  • Warm ups
  • More complex arrangements of music. Esp at Christmas.
  • Fewer solo parts
  • Some sopranos need to switch to S2 or alto. Voice checks for new members might help to place in best voice part.
  • Starting on time.
  • More respect and honour given to your conductor.
  • Music on a CD.
    Please talk to Terry or a board member to arrange this.
  • It seems that some songs each season get left to the end, while there’s a lot of practice of others. It’s ended up with songs at concert time which I’ve hardly even heard if I happen to miss a practice or two.
  • Chorus members being quiet so instructions don’t have to be repeated several times.
  • Longer rehearsals by 1/2 hour and a longer season for rehearsals between concerts.

4. Does your time allow for some volunteering with the chorus (like being on a committee or joining the board)? Select other to comment.

  • Most said no.
  • Some are available on an occasional basis.
  • Some are already heavily involved.

5. For members who participated in the summer presentation, did you find it worthwhile and would you be interested in this kind of program again? Select other to comment.
Please let us know if you want the actual numbers. A summary of comments follows.

  • It was great to have something half way in the summer. It reminded me how much we lose [don’t remember] when not practicing every week.
  • The venue was difficult to sing in. When we practiced at the church I thought it sounded great & when we were in the Trans Canada it was hard to hear the piano and each other.
  • Maybe. Summers get busy. I’ll consider it.
  • I enjoyed singing the concert songs again. Impronto flash mob type things would be great fun!
  • I couldn’t attend, but I like the idea!
  • I would definitely be interested if it doesn’t interfere with summer holidays
  • I think a musical score would be nice.
  • Perhaps, depending on what it is, timing, etc.
  • Any opportunity to sing should be pursued to promote the chorus.

6.Any other comments that you would like to share.

  • Thanks for this opportunity we have.
  • Enjoy the director as well as the selection of music.
  • Thursday nights are a highlight of my week. I think we are very blessed to have such talented leaders.
  • Thank you to Terry, Kathleen, Karol Ann and board/committee members who do work behind the scenes!! It’s appreciated!!
  • I love singing in our chorus. I appreciate the patience of the director and the more gifted and knowledgeable members who support my efforts.
  • The board is doing a great job and I appreciate the opportunity to give some feedback and thought towards how our money should be spent.
  • One last thought… perhaps an honorarium should go to the librarian if we don’t get a volunteer. It is a huge job and we were very blessed to have Karole-Ann take on this role for so many years!
  • Terry is a great leader and I enjoy choir alot. Anything that keeps it going is worth to spend the money on.
  • I love the more structured practices this year, keeping side comments to a minimum and focusing on the task. Terry is doing a great job of directing and controlling the direction of the practice. Thank you so much.
  • I love being in this choir! It’s a great group of people and so much fun. I really appreciate all the expertise that makes this all possible. I have learned a lot! Thank you.
  • Thank you Director and Board for all your work and commitment.
  • I would like 2 concerts.
  • Invite other choirs to join and sing with them.
  • I find great joy in being able to participate in the chorus. It is a wonderful release from everyday life.
  • It’s wonderful that Olds is able to have a community choir!
  • Perhaps have the different sections come to the piano occasionally and sing for the director to clearly hear who needs help and for that person to clearly hear the correct notes and rhythm on the piano.
  • Why didn’t we sing the Messiah?
  • Everyone is so great. Our pianist and our leader are THE BEST of THE BEST!