Meet our Choral Director, Terry Wasden

Theresa and her husband Mark, raised their children in Crossfield AB. Originally from Kelowna BC, she worked with the CBC Orchestra and toured with the Okanagan Symphony by the age of 14 years. She played many roles in both Opera and musical theatre performances including Narrator for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, as well as took the role of Mable in Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance. Her love of swing music lead her to fronting several swing and Big Bands. As a director and producer, Theresa did the My Child Concerts for the Children’s WISH Foundation, and collaborated with several educational teams to do shows in schools. As the music producer for Airdrie Festival of Lights  stage, she encouraged young and new talent to have a go at the Airdrie’s Got Talent. She also wrote school songs and went into schools to do a show with all of the students in 4 days. After 13 years as conductor of the Talisman Energy Choir, now Repsol, the choir created a CD. Her own CDs included the Life album and KINDRED, a female vocal swing trio. After teaching singing for 30 years and performing for more than that, it’s time to enjoy the Olds Community Chorus. This will begin September 7th at the meet and greet and Kick-off for the Chorus. We hope you will join us.

Meet our Accompanist, Santana Scarff

“I grew up in rural Alberta but my mom worked hard to find piano and voice teachers for me throughout my childhood. Although I was often reluctant and could never be considered proficient, I passed my Grade 8 Royal Conservatory exam in piano with my Grade 1 in Theory and consistently participated in the Kindersley and Hanna music festivals. In my early teens, I began to play for my church congregation which is when I began to really appreciate my mother’s insistence that I learn the piano. Not only was it a serviceable skill that could bless the lives of those around me, but I began to recognize how well rounded and blessed I was because of music. Now as an adult, and especially as a teacher at the high school here in Olds, I can clearly see the positive impact music has on a developing brain and also on the overall mood, demeanour, and attitude of anyone who listens to it. I truly appreciate the societies in communities like Olds that make the effort to have live music present and bring that joy to others.”

Meet our Accompanist, Jim Grusendorf

“After ten years of training I was able to move right into over four decades as a pianist, organist, and electronic keyboardist. It’s been fun playing solo and accompanying many choirs, congregations, ensembles, and soloists at Sunday meetings, weddings, funerals, concerts, and special events, as well as composing and recording my own music. I love music and hope that mine brings an occasional smile or touches a heart.”